Why Core i3 Processors Are Not Suitable For a Gaming PC?

Whether you talk about workstation or a laptop machine the processing power is more or less provides the same efficiency, this is also true for overall CPU speed to drive your PC. These days the new generation of Intel core processors are doing great in comparison to AMD alternate, that is why you hear more people going for a Intel processor rather an AMD one. This newer class is classified into three groups according to their performance.


Deciding which group will suit your computer for running games is not easy because with introduction each newer generation the standards are totally changed to measure a reliable CPU. The ‘core i3’ is the oldest in the class which was built to compete the core 2 duo models line of processors at that time. Till now Intel has launched two generation of Core i3:

  1. First Generation: code name: Clarkdale, model range: 530-560, socket: 1156
  2. Second Generation: Code name: Sandy Bridge, model range: 2100-2130, Socket: 1155

There are speculations that a third generation will soon be introduced in near future.

Let’s get back to business, even though i3 recent models are good enough to provide a smoothly running machine and let you perform multiple task without slowing down the computer. They provide a dual core environment where two virtual cores are available to take care of several tasks altogether, secondly the capability boost the processing and hyper treading makes them winner for general purpose computing needs. You can easily run many simple games given that you have enough system memory and a dedicated graphic card to take on the graphic load. On the contrary if you try to run heavy games such as the Battlefield 3, Call of duty modern warefare 2, MOHA etc, then the story becomes bit complex and the gamer starts to curse the game programmer for building a slow running game. That’s totally wrong as mentioned earlier with each new line of processors the speed becomes faster and faster, so game developers take this into account to build more powerful and sophisticated games that can provide entertainment at the best manner possible. In simple words the answer to the question is:

Because Core i3 are not built for latest sophisticated games, they were built for general computing at the first hand.

There is absolutely no doubt that Intel processors that we have available for gaming are Core i5 and i7 processors.

For a moderate gaming needs go for i5, this will suit the group seeking an economic desktop for running modern games. It is highly recommended to get at least 6GB of System RAM in order to get the best out of your computer during a gameplay. But if there is not a limited budget and the purpose is to build a best machine then install a i7 processor instead with 6-8GB of system memory. The result will be superior gaming PC with insane rocketing speed even during a session of very heavy multiplayer game-play.

Lastly, do not forget that you will still need a dedicated graphic adapter separately for handling the video rendering, this is how a gaming machine works, complex isn’t it?