Top 10 Gaming Cases 2015 For New PC Builds

Top 10 Gaming Cases 2015

Gaming cases are the pieces of hardware which are responsible to give you the room to place all the components in a spacious environment. The first and foremost job of the good desktop case is to provide a good ventilation system through air or liquid cooling systems. Such systems are crucial to cool down the heat generated from the CPU, GPU, RAM and other parts of your gaming machine. Gamers love to have custom desktop with unique gaming casing so that their PC looks the best among the computers owned by their friends and relative. This page provides expert advise on best gaming cases in the world that always stay in heavy demand from consumers.

Some of notable features of a typical pro gaming computer case includes:

  • Fancy Lights to light your gaming machine with a unique look.
  • Better Air Powered Ventilation with turbo charged built-in fans.
  • Flexibility to add/ remove different computer parts with ease.
  • Space saving measures to let your store more hardware in compact area.
Performance Top 10 Gaming Cases for Dream Gaming Build

Top 10 Gaming Cases For New System Builds. Give a fancy makeover to your custom game PC.

Below I am going to show you the top 10 gaming cases of 2015 for setting up your custom gaming rig. This list is compiled based on customer feedback and product rating on the Amazon shopping site on PC gaming cases.

#1- Cooler Master Haf X in Full Tower Design – $169.98

This is a highly attractive case in full tower format which gives you the ability to have a very heavy gaming rig that release enormous amount of heat energy, because this casing has a super cooling ventilation system which is powered several huge size fans for the perfect air cycle throughout the casing. When turned on such computer gaming cases you can use custom lights such as blue which looks amazing especially when you are playing video games in a dark room, looks even better when lights are used with water pipes of liquid cooling system.


#2- Thermaltake Level 10 GT Full Tower Case – $249.99

This is extremely unique casing for the professional gamers who are looking for building a gaming system with heavy cooling requirements in a quiet environment, because there are four powerful fans for exhaust and air intake out of which 3 are 200mm wide and 1 is 140mm wide makeing the perfect ventilation for any gaming machine. This case has unique design with sections that can be pulled out sidewise instead of straight fashion as you get in normal computer casings. You can also find white models for same casing which is branded as snow casing.


#3- Corsair Obsidian 650D Mid Tower Aluminium Case – $169.20

Aluminium casing are quite popular amongst the professional gamers due to their ability to disperse heat better than other materials, so it helps to lower down overall temperature of your gaming rigs by few degrees. You computer will run quiet while playing the most heaviest game that keeps your computer processor and graphics chips super busy. This mid tower version of obsidian from Corsair is great for gamers who need a middle size tower for their PC. Design wise this looks extremely slick and elegant. if space is no problem, then go for this Corsair case for your computer machine. Finally it offers several cages for additional hard drives in mounted rack format.


#4- Corsair  Obsidian 800D Black Aluminium Casing in Large Tower – $269.98

Corsair is one of the fastest growing companies manufacturing different computer components especially system memory, however recent models of aluminium case for gaming computers are turn out to be success and has been in top 10 computer cases due to their durable structure and good cooling features. 800D is a full tower model in Obsidian family which gives huge space to install multiple hard drives and several cards on PCI slots, at the same time run liquid cooling pipes throughout the casing.


#5- Cooler Master Haf 932 In Tough Casing – $129.99

This has been a great hit amongst the gaming community due to advanced chassis structure with heavy duty air conditioning, making it an ideal enclosure for your gaming hardware. If compared with other top models of computer cases you can notice the price difference, which makes it a budget case in high tower design. The superspeed usb 3.0 comes as standard with any cooler master machines, this version gives two ports at the front. There are several mounted racks for hard drive which can easily be removed in and out of the computer.


#6- Antec LanBoy Air Modular – $179.82

This is one the coolest looking structure of a desktop casing. The casing has a open air chasis in a hollow structure, with different sections installed just like filling a jigsaw puzzle. With 15 fans this casing has the ideal air flow system that you can find in any desktop case, which can be extended to 25 fans if you want to give additional cooling to CPU and other hardware units. Finally there is a radiator installed at the top which can be used for water cooling through top to down liquid cycling. The Antec LanBoy is available in two unique models, yellow+black and blue+black air modular casings.


#7- Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX In Mid Tower – $110.94

This black ATX case is for extreme video gaming computer which has several drive bays for 3.5″ and 5.25″ formats, PCI expansion slots for VGA, sound and other communication cards. Finally due to having a medium size the overall weight of the casing is quite low to keep it easily portable. There are three main fans which are powerful enough to push all the heat and dust particles out of the system and you end up with a clean and quiet system. Two large fans are installed at the front side to cool down the hard drives in the two racks.


#8- Cooler Master HAF 912 – RC-912-KKN1 – $59.99

One of the best budget chassis from the cooler master in a compact design, which makes it ideal for those who are looking to build a cheap gaming computer. This cheap computer case comes standard with two large fans with radiators for powerful air cycle, a reliable power supply to deliver the perfect voltage across the system with cable option s to install new hardware devices. There is support to switch from the airflow sytem into a water cooling system. You can easily install high class graphic cards such as ATI HD 5970  and nVidia GeForce GTX. Overall this is great computer tower for gamers.


#9- NZXT Crafted Series ATX Gaming Case In Full Tower – $109.99

This is one of the coolest looking gaming case in phantom black color. NZXT provides an excellent steel chassis in full tower ATX design which has an average cost and good to be used for custom desktop computer.  The appearance is very shiny in a stylish design and available in several color scheme, so that you can choose the right one matching your taste and needs. The available varieties includes phantom black, phantom pink, phamton black + green trim, phantom white, phantom white + red trim. It does not matter if you are boy or girl who loves to own a gaming PC, you can find the perfect color to match your desktop accessories.


#10- Cooler Master Storm Enforcer – $79.99

Create a perfect air storm for your gaming rig with this gaming case, the storm enforces is perfect for any gaming scenario where you need high design and reliable air conditioning in a small size.  This is ideal for gaming enthusiasts who seek performance case for their desktop machine. Special features includes the dirt filters, rotatateable HDD cages, fast water cool radiator system. Finally you get a good wires routing for organizing the cables of your gaming machine. Finally the company offers one full year waranty which makes it extremely trust-worthy and trouble free casing. All these features makes it one of the coolest and best pc cases.


Utilizing any of the above mentioned top 10 gaming cases for PC will ensure a game grade machine build-up.  You will find tons of desktop cases in the marketplace but remember not all are fit for the purpose of gaming machine assembly.