DDR4 Supported Motherboards Launching in 2013/ 2014

Apart from the fact that DDR4 memory will provide better performance which is already showcased (by Micron) in 2013 CES conference, the big question is when they will be available for building new computers in either desktop, laptop format as well as for workstation and servers. For those who are curious about the benefits of using a ddr4 memory, read the following main key factors of DDR 4 system memory technology:

  • Consumes 20-40% less power than ddr3 RAM
  • Delivers double speeds in comparison to traditional ddr3
  • Higher data transfer rates from 2400 MT/s
  • Early Error detection with improve diagnostic tools
  • Point to point bus communication will ensure faster data communication with main board
upcoming main boards built for performance.

X99 A New Generation of Desktop Motherboards With DDR4 Support.

Since the new CPU will integrate RAM controllers (Point-to-Point), which means that new motherboards will have upgraded chipset to host such connections. In simple words, you  are not able to use a ddr4 memory with existing computer hardware (motherboard, CPU etc). Secondly you will not be able install ddr4 supported CPU on your current motherboards that only allows ddr 3 memory link. You will need to wait until ddr4 supported motherboards, CPUs enter mainstream and are easily available for building new computers.

There has been speculations that support chipsets/ motherboards will be demonstrated later this year or in first quarter of 2014. Whereas the actual memory modules will be available in the market from 2015, one might be able to find ddr4 modules online but the price will be sky rocketing since they are not common at the moment.  This makes clear that we have to wait till 2015 to get our hands dirty with the powerful ddr4 technology and build dream computer machine that harness double the speeds than ddr3 system memory. There are few producers manufacturing ddr4 DRAM but


According to iSuppli analysis on the availability of the fourth generation DDR memory, we will see ddr 4 memory hitting the market in 2014 and it will take the market share of up to 12% and the decline in the demand of third generation double data-rate memory. However the major change will be in 2015 where iSuppli expects DDR4 to take more than half the memory share, this will be due to the easy availability of supported hardware components such as the motherboards/ chipsets. 2015 will be the year when you could easily build a new computer with ddr4 supported hardware and within average price because in 2014 they will be quite expensive and price of ddr3 will start to drop and consumers will be more attracted towards cheaper RAM memory modules.

Since the launch of Intel Haswell-E chipset based X99 motherboards, many board manufacturers has come up with their X99 ddr4-supported motherboards. These manufacturers includes Asus, Gigabyte, MSI etc. X99 motherboards are fully compatible with ddr4 memory and offers automatic overclocking configuration to let you harness the maximum power out of your PC hardware. For those waiting for building a ddr4 PC the wait is over, this is achievable by a total system upgrade on Intel Haswell-e architecture. X99 motherboards allows full compatibility with haswell-e microprocessor and ddr4 RAM.