Best SteelSeries Gaming Keyboards Reviews

Reviews of Best SteelSeries Gaming Keyboards

Once the successful assembly of computer parts into a reliable gaming machine. The second most important step is to get the best means of input and output. Finer the quality of output and quicker the communication with the machine will give a blasting edge over other gamers. Steelseries has been doing an excellent job in providing PC peripherals to gamers. Proved to be a professional gaming gear manufacturer. Harnessing the cutting edge technology has enabled them to craft some of the best keyboards for playing computer games. Steelseries gaming keyboards are some of the finest piece of pc hardware available for pro gamers. Shift and Merc Stealth are two fine examples of their hard craftsmanship which are purely game grade peripherals. The focus is on improving the game experience of the player because hurdles due to a lag in man-machine communication could affect your winning.  The Danish manufacturer also produces reliable game surfaces, headsets, mice. These quality Steelseries items are discussed in later section in the form of keyboards reviews.


Improve Your Game Performance by SteetSeries Pro Gaming Keyboards Because Winning is Everything.

There are tons of gaming level keyboards manufactured by the company. Mechanical keyboard is one of the highly reliable form of pc input device that ensure performance. Apart from Merc Stealth and Shift, there are many game keyboards including Apex Raw, 6Gv2, 7G, Zboard.  If you really feel it is hard to survive out there without mechanical ones then Apex and 6Gv2 are true mechanical gaming keyboards.

6Gv2 Mechcanical Gaming Keyboard by Steelseries

6gv2-mechanical-gaming-keyboard-steel-seriesProfessional Keyboard For Playing Computer Games.
Amazon Price: $89.09
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From initial look, you might think it is bare-bone non-stylish too plain styled keyboard. Do not forget it is built for those audience that are fed up of falling in attractive design traps and searching for performance only models. 6Gv2 is a pure mechanical gaming model which is built with a sole purpose of performance in game sessions. Going for mechanical key based keyboard will ensure competitive edge over keyboards that just mimic the mechanical  experience via synthetic membranes. Not understanding a word i am saying? bottom line is if you seek real  performance in game sessions then just go for mechanical model. Red cherry keyboard which is slight variation is also available.

Apex Game Grade Multi-color Illumination Keyboard

apex-computer-keyboard-by-steelseriesExperience Brilliant Illumination & Game Control with Apex Keyboard
Amazon Price: $70.99
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An elegant looking multi-color illumination keyboard, though color selection can be made from 16.8 million color pallets. Backlight glow can be controlled for five active color zones. On the other hand, if you seek a single white color key glow light then Apex RAW will do the job.  Get powerful control on your game with 22 macro keys that can be saved in four layers. Dedicated windows key to disable unwanted triggering of operating system commands.  On the software side SteelSeries Engine handles all the keyboard to game interaction functions in a user friendly manner. Finally if you are seeking a low profile keyboard for pc gaming, Apex is just the right candidate to consider.

SteelSeries Shift is an Excellent Game Keyboard.

medal-of-honor-shift-gaming-keyboardNew Steelseries Shift Keyboard Medal of Honor Edition
Amazon Price: $219.00
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Shift keyboard is one of the most popular gaming keyboard manufactured by SteelSeries for ultimate gaming experience. It has a ergonomic design with a comfortable wrist rest which let’s you play your computer game for long hours without getting your hands tired. A fast USB interface to extend your gaming gear right from your keyboard. Surface of keys is made with rubber coating that increases it grip with your fingers when you press them and the chance of slipping your finger from the key is minimal.

SteelSeries Merc Stealth Reliable Video Gamer keyboard.

merc-stealth-keyboard-for-gaming-pcSteelseries Merc Stealth Gaming Keyboard Usb Features 34 Dedicated Gaming Terrain Keys
Amazon Price: $149.99
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The Merc Stealth keyboard by SteelSeries offer unique and trendy design in which they have separate traditional keyboard keys at right side and 34 dedicated gaming keys on left side so a use can play the game with his left hand in order to control main aspects of the video game. These terrain keys are built at eleven degree angle which makes them comfortable while playing games for long hours. Go in stealth mode and play computer games in a comfortable and less teasy manner.

If you are one of those gamers who understands compromise on computer accessories is equivalent to suicide in computer gaming. Then meet the Danish gamer gear brand who build tough hardware to help you WIN. Apex, Shift, 6Gv2 and Merc Stealth are top models in SteelSeries gaming keyboards lineup.