Advantages and Disadvantages of Desktop Computer For Games

Many newbie gamers get confused when they need to decide if they should spend their valuable money on purchasing a desktop computer for games or high performance laptop. In order to help such gamers this pages is focused on providing  the advantages and disadvantages  of desktop computers for gaming.

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Advantages: What is good about Desktop For Playing Video Games?

  • Domination: It is known fact that most of the users in the world are using desktop as their everyday computer. You can find them in homes, schools, offices, banks. wherever you go there are more frequently used than notebook PCs.
  • Cost of Desktop: The most attractive part of having a gaming tower is that they cost much less than laptops, you can find plenty of deals on cheap gaming desktops over the internet including online store such as Amazon and eBay auctions. So it is really matter of you budget, you can plan to get a computer that fall under $1000 range or $1500.  It is easily possible to find a cheaper alternative at a price around  $500.
  • Easy to upgrade: One great aspect of desktop machines is that they can be easily upgraded, you can easily replace any hardware components or parts by opening your desktop casing. For gamers who build their own custom desktop, they usually upgrade their system memory and install a dedicated graphic card and CPU while making a desktop in order to convert their regular tower computer into a gaming PC.
  • Good For Health: games are usually played hours long and kids are crazy to spend so much time and sitting next to their computer, desktops are always placed on a desk and user sits on a chair, so this way players is in better position and is bound to stay in that position while they play the game.  Whereas in laptops they can lay down or sit on couch or carpet and start playing games for hours, this bad posture of body affects the user’s health.

Disadvantages: What is bad about Gamer Desktops?

  • Non Portability: Unlike notebooks desktop computers are bulky consisting of several accessories such as montior, keyboard, mouse, speakers etc., which makes moving so many parts from one location to another is a hard task, so desktops are portable and does not suit a person who needs to commute or travel.
  • Cover More Area: As already mentioned above desktop computers have several components and accessories as well as cables which requires more room than laptops as you will need to have a dedicated computer table or desk just to place your computer.  So tower computers cover more area than notebook PCs and could cause problem when you have a small bedroom or study room.
  • Power Consumption:  Due to large size components gaming desktops consume more power: the computer casing, monitor and speakers require separate power input and all of them consume enormous amount of power in comparison to laptops which are especially built for energy saving. Because in the case of laptop computers all the components are packed into a single unit which all together consume not more than 15-20 W of electricity.
  • Cooling Needed:  Gaming computers run heavy games which require intense use of graphic card and processor as well as RAM and  hard drive. In such situation computer parts that have higher power intake result in releasing large amount of heat energy, due to this problem heavy duty fans with heat sinks are needed to cool the gaming rig. Now-a-days you can find many liquid cooling equipment with modern gaming desktops which are efficient at cooling your computer casing.